Digital Printing services are the way of the future.  Small run items are quickly printed most times within 24 hour turn around times and bigger items in most cases 7-14 days.  Many of our clients want a small run of 50 to 2500 items.  This can be an expensive process when using conventional press’s, which is where digital print technology comes in.  With digital printing services this is now easy as hitting a button!  We are able to produce works within 24-48 hour time frames. This means you get your product FASTER for top quality and affordable printing services.

Our team works with the latest technology in our industry. We are also trained in the repairs of our own digital printing press machines to ensure we limit the down time.  This ensures your project will be completed on the time frame supplied.  With our main Print technology provider being Xerox we feel confident your will be happy each and every time you receive your product, full color printing services.  Come to Creative Factor to experience a difference today!

Xerox has been a trusted name in the printing industry for many years and is our choice for our digital equipment. Their name, coupled with their quality, results in your prints being the best quality they can be. This will increase your business notice ability!

Come and visit us and take a tour, we will show you that we mean business!

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